Denon Prime 4 internal SSD analysis

Hello, I installed an SSD hard drive in my DENON prime 4 with all my music files and I don’t know how to analyze all the content with engine prime because I can find all my files but the songs are not analyzed and not found in the collection of this fact I can not do search filters and others. thank you for giving me the procedure. Musically.

Hi @fbe-sonorisation,

First of all - did you just take a SSD harddrive and just dragged your music on to it, without using Engine Prime?

Just so we know the starting-point :slight_smile:

Did you take a look at this guide: Engine PRIME Quick Start Guide - YouTube

Yes but the songs are not analyzed and the tempo, the covers and the tone are not taken into account as long as the song was not read once

A. Where do you access your files ON the Prime 4?

1 or 2…?

B: Are your original musicfiles located on the computer as well or on another drive?

C: Do you use iTunes, Serato or Traktor today, to manage your musicfiles?