Denon Prime 4 in combination with Rekordbox

Hello everyone, I’m quite new to the Denon gear, but really love the Prime Series and it’s functionalities. I’m a mobile DJ from Germany and play once in a while also in smaller Clubs and Bars.

I’ve severall Pioneer gear (Controllers and CDJs), but really looking for a Standalone System and featurewise the Prime 4 would be a perfect fit. Especially the big Screen, the 2. Output and the integrated SSD are exactly what I’m looking for. My problem is, that I will continue using Pioneers Rekordbox. On the one hand, I really like the software, but I have to do it as well, because I play occassionally not on my own gear and this is always from Pioneer and I will also stay with some of my existing equipment.

So my question now: Due to the possibility, that the Prime 4 can read/convert my RB library, this should not be an issue to get my music on the gear, but is there any possibility to synchronize the library continously or how can I update the library within the Prime 4 with the latest Rekordbox library, lets say on a weekly or at least monthly basis?

Hi from Germany :de: :sunglasses:

You can sync your Rekordbox library with engine Dj and then transfer the music to the prime 4.

You can even try it out before you get the prime 4. just download engine Dj.