Denon Prime 4 freezes 20 mins using spotify on Mac

Hi Guys, New to this forum, has anyone come across this issue before? When i connect my prime 4 via its USB to my mac and tell it to go into computer mode. I can basically us it to run spotify for background music and im happy with only master volume to control volume. No other functions needed. However after 20 minutes or so the prime 4 would lose all control the odd light on here and there and no control what so ever? master volume nothing. but the sound will continue to play at its last level and continue to play further tracks just no controls. My 6000 mk2 no issues with this ? is this a known glitch? firm ware is upto date but that also has a glitch where it keeps asking for update even tho its done? Any help would be great thanks guys

Hello @graham_Little Welcome to the forum. In computer mode no controls work unless You are using a computer program for djing like serato or virtual dj.

You should not use spotify to play publicly - this violates the terms and conditions of the service provided to You. Spotify backed off from djing some time ago.

I do this with my X1850 to listen to music as a passthrough. I do this with Youtube as well. I have never had problems. I know Spotify does not allow the option (they were the first) to stream songs in venues.

However, we do not know what is he trying to do.