Denon Prime 4 Display doesn't works correctly HELP!

Hello friends of the community, I hope you can read my situation, since I am desperate, I will try to summarize it for you.

I sent my Denon Prime to a fader cleaning service, and they let me see the whole procedure, but when they finished cleaning and putting everything together, they turned on the console and now the screen has no image. Everything works correctly and starts correctly, even the screen does turn on and the touch works (I know because as you know the shutdown is confirmed from the screen), but it does not give video, I already sent it to another technician but he told me that everything was fine. He checked continuities, voltages and everything was correct.

The only strange thing is that on the card where the processor is, it has some red LEDs on the side. so we still don’t know if this means a problem.

and as you know, it is very difficult to find a service manual for this model.

Any idea what happened?

The flexes have already been checked, and they are fine.

or does anyone have a photo of how everything is connected, or some photo of the PCB to know about the red leds?


If your prime isn’t at a genuine authorised service centre at this very moment, get it sent to one.

If it was all working before you took it to whoever cleaned the fader, then the place it’s at now has broken it and they should sort out the repair to the damage that they did

As Pasha said, I’ve seen people report red lights shining through the air vents on these and it usually points to a repair needed.