Denon Prime 4 Disassembly / Headphone output reconnect

Hello all,

I had sent my Denon Prime 4 in to the official Denon support for them to replace my SweetFX potis and center cover. They did a good job of that. However, they forgot to reconnect the headphone output. Unfortunately, I currently get no more feedback from Denon support. I think they are already on vacation due to the Christmas season.

So my question: Can anyone tell me how to open the cover and reconnect the audio cable? I am equipped with the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, so the tool should not be a problem.

Thanks and happy holidays, Tim

You get inside from the bottom, rest You will see where to go from there.

Thanks for your reply NoiseRiser. Do I need to unscrew all screws from the bottom? Are there screws under the rubber covers? And are there any clips like on a laptop?

you have to remove the Allen screws first! those on the side where there is the headphone jack and crossfader adjustment! then you have to open the housing for the ssd, because when you open it you have to unthread the cable for the ssd while you remove the bottom! then remove the screws from the bottom, now I’m not at home otherwise I would have taken pictures of you

Thanks! I will try that when I’m home from work.

Thanks for the hint with the allen screws djveleno! Opened the Prime 4 and replugged the headphone-output. Now everything is working (again). :slight_smile: