Denon Prime 4 + controller mode Engine OS Desktop?

Last time I attempted to connect the Prime 4 to the Engine OS on PC to use as a controller it wasn’t an option, but this was nearly two years ago. Has this been fixed yet?

I was quite baffled to find out it wasn’t a native option to begin with back then and I’d be even more baffled if it still isn’t now. The reason I want to connect it to PC is because I want to use direct clean PC audio to record a mix I’m doing soon for an online VR nightclub/event. Most of the people at these events don’t have standalones and my mixes quality wise stick out like a sore thumb because I can never get the limiter/record settings properly set to get really clean audio out of the mixes. So I’d like to use direct PC audio to record the mix until I can get the settings right on the Prime 4 recordings.

I checked the FAQ and it says no. But it seems extremely outdated. The FAQ still says that controller mode doesn’t work for Serato, VDJ, or Rekordbox. Which I think majority if not all of them do support controller mode as of like a year ago if I’m not mistaken. Yet, still, why isn’t their own first party desktop app not supported. I’m confused.

I could use one of the supported ones above but I’m trying to get invested into the Denon ecosystem and use Engine OS PC preferably.

Any info would be great, thank you for your time.

The thing is that the whole concept of Denon is to be standalone and dont have to use the computer. They give the Serato/ VDJ option but it probably would cost extra effort for extend their Engine OS software to be able to us it in controller mode. Even if they do it, Serato would probably still be better, since this is their only main business.

And something that is well known here in the forum, dont buy a product with the intention they will add a certain feature and than be “baffled” that it can still don`t do two years later.

You could also just use Serato.


No, because of a simple reason - Engine is still not, and probably will never be, a DJ software. It is a library management software.

inMusic has decided to go the route of standalone hardware and is aggressively pushing for integrating Engine OS even into a beginner+ level product lineup of Numark brand that was previously a controller only line.

I think it would be better checking how other users of Prime 4 are recording their mixes (and editing them after the recording!) than trying to use it as a controller but hey, if you really want to, as you noticed, you can use it with Serato or VDJ natively. For VDJ you need to have a licence but for SDJ the hardware unlocks it and you just need to first install it.

Yes, the FAQ here Denon DJ PRIME 4 | Frequently Asked Questions : Denon DJ? says correctly about SDJ and VDJ under the Software support but then in the Engine Prime section is totally off. Btw, now you can use your PC with Engine DJ installed as a source for your Prime 4, that info is also missing.

Hope this info helps.


Try using Serato and the virtual audio cable routed into Audacity to record your mix, or record your DJ mix in OBS and drop your recorded video into Audacity and extract your DJ audio.

I do a monthly VRC club event with Denon Prime gear with zero issues and there are DJs who use the XDJ-RX3 as stand alone as well. Like others have said, Engine Desktop is and will probably always be just music prep software, the true power is in the hardware and Engine OS.

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As someone new to the Denon ecosystem, I apologize for not knowing what goes down in the forums before hand. I figured Denon stuff would work with the engine it’s made for but that’s my fault for assuming. Also didn’t know Engine OS was purely a library management software until today like others have stated. Always thought it was like a VDJ or something since this is my first DJ equipment. But thank you for your constructed criticism, I’ll try to improve as a Denon user.

This is all great information, thank you so much for taking the time to address everything. Do you have any recommendations where to look for other Prime 4 recording/editing settings?

Thank you for the information and resources. I’ll probably end up going this route if I’m unable to get the recording/editing settings to my liking as another user stated previously. But this will be the backup if I can’t figure it out in time since the mix is due in a few days.

Thank you again!

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