Denon Prime 2 unresponsive

Hi. I just aquired a Prime 2 but it has some issues. The whole unit, apart from the touch screen, is unresponsive. Everything lights up but none of the buttons work and the channel level leds are fully lit. I have flashed the firmware multiple times but this is not helping. So i think its a hardware issue. As i have had experience as an electronic engineer, i have stripped he down to take a look. Nothing was immediatly showing as faulty. But then i spotted this connector, a power supply?- it looks like it is plugged in backwards. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or not. Any suggestions on what else i can look at? Thanks

Where did you ‘acquire’ it from?

Ebay. Purchased as non working. I cant add a photo or link yet as i am a new member. Its the big blue cable from the PSU to the main board (with input/output audio connections). The connector pin is deffinatley in backwards as the ridges on the pin are on the wrong side. The bottom right cable, next to the corner of the circuit board, is coloured Green - If the pin was connected correctly, the cable colour would be red. Hoping someone can clarify if this is correct or not as i dont want to change it in case i cause more damage.

Its worth pulling it out and checking to see if it fits the other way… that looks like it has been forced in, but im no expert at all, it doesn’t look right though.

Yes it fits better the other way!

Just spoke to the chap i purchased it from, he said an unorthirised repair shop changed the crossfader and returned it as being faulty! Pretty sure thry have done this!

Will find out later when i get time to put it back together!

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Dodgy as that, far too many cowboys about pretending to be exports. Not sure they would need to touch all that to replace the crossfader mind, the crossfader is replaceable from the front isnt it?

Oh dear. That’s definitely had its plug in the wrong way around from that photo.

I hope it’s not done any damage to it. Those parts aren’t cheap but there’s always All Denon Audio and DJ Spare Parts - Denon Audio and DJ Parts should you need them.

Hopefully it works now. I can see this happen more when the “right to repair” law extends to devices like this.

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Its a funny one that, Apple have had by far the most criticism for it… be interesting to see how it pans out when all these unofficial ‘repair agents’ or worse the users themselves start tinkering around with parts.