Denon prime 2 headphone port issue

All of a sudden both headphone ports on my prime 2 have malfunctioned.

The sound in the right side of my headphones is “crunchy” / “crackly”

I’ve tried 2 pairs of hd25s and tried both headphones in another controller which worked fine.

This has happened overnight, latest firmware on controller and pc.

Anyone had this issue? Currently waiting for djkit technical team ringing me back where I bought it from

I had the same issue on a very old set of controllers ages back. What i did was look inside the port with a torch and using a bent pin bend the little tag out a bit to give a more positive contact. (The brass contact in middle of picture) Obviously make sure power isnt connected when doing it. And be carefull not to overdo it or force it as they snap quite easy. You could also try first using a cotton bud and contact cleaner to clean the port

inside headphone jack

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Perhaps put some IPA on the headphone jack plug rather than directly into the socket, then insert/rotate/eject (repeat as necessary).

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After playing around and trying the first comment, I noticed when I push the headphone jack downwards it makes a good connection and the headphones work a lot better, also pulling the jack out about 1mm has worked as a temporary solution for now, I’ve got till February to send it back for repair once I get a space between gigs.

Thanks for the replies.

It doesn’t make much sense to me (logically) that both ports are doing this, and “suddenly”.

Normal wear and tear would be a gradual thing, and usually a DJ would be using one port (depending on the headphone jack size).

Also odd that it’s affecting the right side on both ports.

I’m the same to be honest, no spills or drops on the unit, I do transport it 1 or 2 times a week to gigs in a flight case but its flat in the car so I have no idea, djkit thinks it may be a dry weld failure and could just be a simple soldering job but I don’t want to take it to a local shop and lose the warranty and it end up being something more serious.

Hopefully it lasts the next month or 2 till I get a break between gigs.

K as a stop gap. If you say when you pull jack out about a milimetre… Make up a removable spacer to fit on jack plug to hold it out the right distance folded insulation tape or a small fibre washer

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@Danny_Gray are you having the same issue on both headphone ports on the Prime2? If the issue is only on the 1/4" socket are you using the sennheiser 1/4" adapter or a aftermarket one?

Both ports affected and everything is original

Running on windows 11 if so it happens turn off the mixer and reboot its an issue between Denon and windows 11 had the same problem still do its windows problem actually its new and full of kinks

I recently had the same issue. The problem was reported in in this post Prime 2 headphone issues The headphone outputs are grossly overdriven and it did at first cause me to question if my headphones were blown but is okay on other equipment. The headphone output seems to distort when you turn up the bass control centrally either when you are previewing a track or bringing in the bass in the mix. This is a definite problem and I’m going to contact my sales support as my warranty expires in a couple of months.