Denon + Pioneer workflow

Given that the landscape is still very much Pioneer, what’s your workflow for moving between ecosystems without having to manage multiple DJ library apps? Let’s imagine you’re getting ready to go out for a gig, and you know the venue is set up with Pioneer, would you:

  • Create an RB playlist of the tracks you want to play, and reset all your cue points?
  • Primarily work in RB, use the export feature, and just keep Engine up to date with whatever you’re doing in RB?
  • Say screw it to both and use Serato and the DVS feature in the players?
  • Use Lexicon

I do a lot of gigs where I have CDJ’s at the venue, and some are with Denon. I just keep 2 libraries. I don’t use same tracks on all gigs, so it’s easy to keep it clean. Some venues I also use Traktor PRO 3. So i don’t mix them up. That is relatively easy and convenient for me.

Cool, thanks for sharing! I was just looking at Virtual DJ b/c it seems to be an excellent cross-platform solution with solid DVS support from the SC6000s. However, the app is slightly clunky and feels weirdly slow and unresponsive. Have you messed with Lexicon? I’ve been considering that as well.

Yes I did try lexicon, but it’s not what I need. Virtual dj is also out of the equation for me for very bad signal processing and worse sounding effects in the industry…


Oh wow, that’s great to know! Thank you for saving me the headache in spending more time in it. Cheers.

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IMO that’s a ridiculous thing to say…because VirtualDJ can host VST plugins, so you have access to world class effects from the best in the business. The same cannot be said of the competition.

The only comments I get about the sound at my gigs are positive ones. Plus, for the past few years I’ve been doing online streaming with VDJ (streaming’s built in, unlike the competition) and nobody’s complained about the sound there either. My listeners include DJ industry professionals. I think they’d know if the sound was bad.

Again… I am not talking about third party fx. I was talking about build in fx from the vdj it self.

So you’re running VDJ as your main DJ library with Denon and Pioneer products? The question is how do you minimize library management across hardware controllers?

…which don’t really matter, as if you don’t like them (or the numerous user created FX addons) you can use VSTs.

@paintlaurent I handle the libraries separately. Any tracks I buy get added to VDJ then get added to Engine DJ.

But that will also not fix the terrible vdi sound engine.

Like I said, I’ve had no complaints - which is what matters. If your audience is happy, your opinion is not relevant.

Many thousands of others are using it too. If it was that terrible, they wouldn’t use it.

What’s the issue anyway? Don’t just say it’s terrible, justify your comment.

It’s not terrible.

What about the sound issue with the XLR output on the Prime 4 that still hasn’t been attended to?

Gents, the topic is:

How do you minimize library management across hardware controllers?

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Just run two databases on the same external drive and use lexicon.

Or rekordbox and when you plug external drive in it will pop up on denon and say its found rekordbox library do you want to import (players will freeze while it does it…) click yes… done can use drive over both platforms… Then use lexicon to convert to serato (if that floats your boat) snd you got all three one one drive


Some additional way.

Normally i find new Music on Spotify. Therefore i create Spotify Playlist until i have my next gig. Than i download the new music (most of it are new Tracks), put it in a new Folder with the same name as the Playlist itself. Therefore i have some sort of mirrored playlist in my file folder and in Engine DJ. If i do play on record box, i just drag the new playlist folder into record box.

So the Systems i use is already build in the files folder itself.

Of course this works only well with new music and Playlist. If you rearrange Music you already have its not working quite as well.