Denon needs to focus

It seems like every software update they’re adding a new feature, but breaking others. The desktop application has gotten more and more frustrating to use over the years, and falling far behind the competition. The hardware is great, but only if you can get it to work correctly.

I’ve had the same deck assignment issue with my SC5000s and x1800 for 2 years even after contacting support and having them “raise it to engineering”. Come to find out from talking with some acquaintances that use Denon gear as well, this is a common problem. All three of them have to do the “denon dance” to get the deck assignments per channel to work. Doesn’t seem to matter if they’re using x1850 and 6000s, x1850 with 5000s, or x1800 wither either 5/6000s… the same thing happens. I personally have been dealing with that since 2.0 dropped

Then there’s my other friend’s issues with their 6000s just shutting themselves off every 10 minutes with no discernable reasoning. There’s the issue with non-serviceable parts on their “Professional club mixers.” The months long problem with the desktop app that wouldn’t let people export playlists without it corrupting everything. The selected track in playlist rubber banding. The inability to drag a song into a playlist issues others have.

I love my 5000s… but I HATE engineOS… and it just seems to get worse and worse. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. So please… Denon devs if you see this post. PLEASE focus on fixing issues instead of adding more. I’m about one more show stopping bug away from throwing these in the garbage and getting gasp CDJs…