Denon Music Manager Software


I am fairly new with all of this I was hoping someone could help me.

I own a Denon DN-X500 Mixer, and a Denon DN HD2500 Controller. I have a software handed down to me that allows me to add song files to my external hard drive that I use for system storage, as well as being able to create/edit playlists (Denon Music Manager Version 1.3.3 Build.37103 (I think this was from 2008 lol). I am reached up to 50,000 songs on my hard drives and the music manager will not allow me to exceed 50,000 songs to add to my hard drive. Is there somewhere I can download an updated version of Music Manager? Thank you!

Unfortunately no, I believe all the versions supported up to 50k files on a single media and the software was discontinued even under the old owner of DenonDJ brand.

Have you tried adding a external hdd?

I don t know if it work i find it with google search

Hi, you can add up to 4 HDD’s/ USB sticks to a single DEnon HD2500, using a 5 port hub. I recommend Belkin, they seem to be reliable. I have 3 500Gb HDD’s and a keyboard connected, and room to plug in a USB stick with new music. All versions of MusicManager have a limit of 50,000 tracks per database. By using the internal HDD, which can be replaced with up to 120GB, the total tracks across all 5 drives is approximately 210,000 tracks. Latest MM was SYS V1400, for your info.