Denon Mobile DJ and technology

Hello, my Birth name is Dance I have been a mobile Dj for many years, but now I just practice at home, I started in Germany on CD’s and never really got into vinyl, there was a time I tried but I never go the hang of the scratch and at that time cd’s were just coming out. I remember I used to use 3 tape decks and play two songs on the tapes and record my mixes on the 3rd deck. Technology has come a long way. I find that a lot of Old school DJ’s say if you don’t use vinyl your not pure. but if that’s the case throw away all your laptops and calculators and lets get some pen and paper and write everything. anyway. I have a lot of gear over the years and it justs keeps getting better. I hope to one day own the Denon SC5000 prime. which I think is an awesome deck. I have the sc5500 and its still working and I am able to mix on 1 deck without a laptop

Yes there’s still a lot of love for the HS5500 - it was abit too futuristic for some people but others found it to be everything they needed. A nice tabletop version of the rack mounting DN-HD2500