Denon media players display area protection solution

Hi all.

Anyone concerned about their Denon media players display panel regarding scratches,fingerprints oil dust…screen damage then I have some good news to share. I managed to track down a company in Germany who manufacture custom designed,made to order screen/display panel tempered glass protection solutions. I just got out my ruler measured the entire SC5000/M panel area(not just the bordered area) and input the data(height x width mm dimensions) into their field boxes on their website(include also a small 1.0mm radius for the corners) and it then generates an order and your custom screen protectors are made and shipped out pretty fast(Germany-Australia took about a week) so for those that want to protect their $2000(AUD) SC5000/Mglass display panel then do what I have done and order them online. Just measure your screen panel on your Denon SC5000/M with a steel ruler(mm) the height and width(ideally you want the entire panel to be protected not just up to the black bordered area when players are on)

Waiting on my arriving and highly doubt whether these screen protectors are going to have any adverse affect on screens touch operational technology(would just work similar to one on a mobile device) as apparently there appears to be no problem with the touch technology through the transit film…that I peeled off and threw out.

Website is called



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Anyone here heard of a 5000 or 5000m with a phyisically damaged screen?

I think you might be adding armour to armour there, but it’s good to know of a site which does such accessories,- could be needed for other products.

Thought I was just trying to help…sorry I didn’t already know the players main display area is manufactured using bullet proof glass.

You’d have to be playing some really rotten songs to find out if it were bullet proof. :gun:

I wasn’t trying to put you off advertising the product, just saying that while we’ve heard of a couple of displays (out of thousands and thousands) that have failed -electronically-, I’m not sure we’ve read of any that have suffers from physical damage.

Their bullet proof now,got the tempered glass screen protectors on got the players covered with decksavers and have them sitting nicely in flight cases so money wisely spent