Denon mcx8000 usb crashes

Good morning, I am a new holder of the wonderful MCX 8000 controller. I would like to mention that I have preferred Denon to Pioneer in choosing based on reviews from the web. I just bought it for use in standalone mode with a USB device. Sadly I’m pretty disappointed, because I have a problem that does not allow me to do my exhortations with peace. This annoying problem is the left display block. This is rendom during the performance and implies the consignment being extinguished, resulting in a break in music and a great deal of embarrassment. I tried to support various USB pens but with ugaule result. I claim that all the music is absolutely original and coming from ovens such as itunes and the like, that I made the transition to Engine of all the peripherals and that I tried to load only a few tracks on the key so as not to have too large a file to process but the result is always the same: improved block. I kindly ask you a help on why I can not work with this fear.


Hi there - new firmware is in the pipeline, which may help in some instances, however, there are a number of FAQs and an extremely thorough suggestion guide available here:

The steps outlined in the above document have helped many users already.

New firmware in the pipeline? PERK!

OK thanks for the kind reply, I hope in the new firmware.