Denon MCX 8000

Having an issue with connecting to the internet. I only happens when I use the Denon mcx8000. I start to get a washed out sound and then the software basically slows down and I have to shut it off and open it back up. I use Virtual DJ and have other mixers without any issues but when I use the MCX 8000 this comes up. I’m assuming it has something to do with the sound card or latency I’m not really sure but hopefully I could find somebody with some tips to help me out. I need to be able to connect to Wi-Fi and the different areas I DJ

Could be anything. Some deeper descriptions may help also.

By “connecting to the internet” do you mean that you’re trying to stream out/broadcast out like a “radio station”?

Does the “washed out” sound sound like someone’s chopping the sound on and off rapidly?

On the above you also mention “I start to get a washed out sound” - do you mean then that things are actually ok for a few minutes or an hour or so, but then suddenly, it all goes “washed out”

If yea to the above it’s latency - eg laptop not able to “think” fast enough to get everything done that’s being asked of it.

Why only happening with the big 8000 and not the other “mixers”? The more screens, LeDs, controls, sliders, buttons, knobs, switches on a “mixer” the more and more work the laptop has to do to keep watching all those controls, lights and colour screens. Smaller, or less features “mixers” need less processor attention from the laptop so can often give less latency issues.

Try wopping your audio latency up from the 5ms , 10ms, 20ms that it might be on now, up to 200 or 300ms and see what happens to the washed out sound.

Also the “works alright for an hour or so then suddenly …. “ is usually due to the laptop heating up to “toasty” levels which in when the processor starts alternating between cores (switching off cores to let them cool down)