Denon mc7000

Hi, I was using SERATO software with the Denon MC7000 since 3 years with windows, now I have a brand new MAC, I set up the MACOS but I don’t understand why, when I swithc on the console, I had a weird configuration, 1 deck is with vinyl mode on, the other one is off, the CUE led are light in a strange way. key note are excluded. This situation never happened with windows. another topic: when I upload the song in SERATO, I let him analyze them but when I switch off the MAC, the library disappear. I was also looking for an upgrade of the console but I cannot find them on the official denon website. can someone help me, please? thanks.

If you are looking to update the MC7000 firmware, latest firmware can be found here;

If you were looking to upgrade the MC7000 to a newer unit, there isn’t one.

Dear Benny, I am using mac and windows too. I have a question: If I have read (on windows) that the controller has already the latest version of the firmware, does it mean that I already have even on MAC? I guess no… isn’it?

I am asking this because I cannot install the updater on MAC because is a 32 bit application, MAC works only with 64 bit application, so what I need to to understand which version is working on MAC and what I have to do if I need to install it (since I cannot install the 32 bit denon updater)?

thanks for your time.

Best regards, Marco Frigerio


Yes if the controller is showing on the latest firmware (Via Windows) then it is running the latest firmware regardless. Your Mac does not require a driver like Windows does either.