Denon MC7000 freezing

Hi, I have just purchased a MC7000 DJ Controller and find that it freezes up/crashes randomly every time I am mixing… This can happen at anytime… 5 mins… 15 mins… 30 minutes. Everything just freezes and makes a horrible noise of the track stuck. I cannot press anything on the controller or laptop. Just have to restart serato. I have reinstalled serato Dj Pro with latest update today… Any help or advice? I have some DJ gigs coming up in a couple of weeks and REALLY Don’t want this to happen. Cheers

I’ve seen the same with Serato, especially on Windows 10. Audio cracks, controll “freeze”.

I’m using mine with Djay Pro AI on a Mac and it’s working well. Djay Pro AI on Mac with this Neural Mix is blowing every other software away … I’ve had a few “freeze” occasions with the latest Djay Pro AI update from last week. The audio playing fine, but no controls were reaching Djay … strange … a restart of the controller or the app was fixing it for a short while (1-2 minutes), and than it was freezing again. MIDI lights were OK, but no buttons/knob commands were working. It reminds me of how it was “freezing” with Serato …

I ended up restarting the Mac and it’s working well ever since.

Have you updated your MC7000 to firmware 1.2 ?.

I am also using a MC7000 on Serato 2.4.3, on Windows 7 Pro. I had so many Audio issues with Windows 10, as do lots of other people. Just see all the threads on Serato forums. So i just installed Windows 7 as a Dual Boot on my Win10 laptop. So now i have a totally clean OS for DJing. Been using this for 2yrs now and its great. Super reliable and very fast.

Hi Paul, thanks for that info! I’m running latest firmware and Serato so figured it must be laptop/Windows OS issue as I played on my macbook Pro last weekend for 5 hours with no issues at all. I’ll give the Windows 7 dual boot a try and fingers crossed! Cheers.