Hi all I have a very annoying problem … namely the sound from the headphones is ahead of the sound that I hear from the loudspeakers as master…something like 0,5sec.When i buy my controller in start everything plays good whatever from like serato or typical AIMP player.Now i cant stick any good mixset because sound from laudspeakers is delayed within headphones…i do everything like reinstall drivers etc…pls help

The problem is your speakers, not your controller.

You mean what type of problem?fev months ago i dont heave this situation i dont know what happend

You need to provide more detailed information.

What speakers are you using? Are they connected to the output of the MC6000 or to your computer? Is Bluetooth involved anywhere?

Ok so i heave connected cotroller with XLR cables to AKAI graphic equalizer from EQ to AMPLITUNER ONKYO TX-NR905 (i heave set him to preamplifier) and from him to power AMP … Laudspeakers AVALON EIDOLON …like i say fev months ago everythings play normal

You have a long audio chain from your controller outputs to your speakers, that is already not good for the delay.

In that audio chain you have a hi-fi tuner that has shiteload of DSP processing built into it. Find a setting that disables ALL DSP, you changed something on the tuner that enabled it in the past few months ago.

If you don’t believe me, connect mc6000 straight to the amp.

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I will check in onkyo settings in dsp we will see…will be in touch