Denon MC6000 MK2 part of diodes no illuminating

Hey. I just replaced my fader with inno fader. after that operation part of my diodes of decks stop to working - when buttons triggered for swhitch them on- no light appears. light is showing on all buttons only at initial turning on the controler. after that they cant be enabled by buttons.

when triggered:

no light is coming from fx 1,2 sections, play, cue, in, out, sync, 1,2,3,4,… looks like i just losed control of diodes on part of this controller. what is happening ? please help.

What DJ software are you using?

hey. i’m using this as controler for mixxx, ableton live. i’m using traktor demo too. is this somehowe connected to my problem ?

A controller is a box of buttons that send a signal to software and leds that light up when software tells them. So yeah, if on start up you see that leds work but later don’t - that’s an issue with controller not receiving the commands from software.

Traktor uses tsi files for leds (mapping), test by importing another or try VDJ in demo mode that should natively light up all leds.