Denon mc4000 factory reset?

How can I do a factory reset on my Denon MC4000 ??

Anyone? I’ve had this controller since January and have had some issues. Some of them I’ve been able to sort out myself by searching different community forums. I’ve sent over 10 emails to denon support and each time have got back an email saying someone will reply to me within 72hrs. Well, nobody has gotten back to me and it’s been 3 months ( first email I sent was Jan. 17th ).?

If there are no user adjustable options on the MC4000 and it’s not in the manual - I don’t think you can do it. Also, there is no need to do it. Lemme guess: you saw that MCX8000 user are doing factory resets on their equipment and you thought you should do it to? MCX8000 is a standalone player and also has many user adjustable options even for use with software (as a dumb box of buttons - eg controller) so it needs to have a factory reset option - your controller doesn’t.

If you’re having issues and you want help from the community you should write them here, that’s the whole purpose of the forum (note that controllers generally have issues that are software oriented, Serato forum might be a better choice if your issues are not MC4000 specific). General complaints about lack of support I prefer to post on manufacturers social media for all to see :wink:

No factory reset on Denon MC4000. Thanks

Hey testadura,

Sorry you’re having trouble getting in touch with us. I would recommend double checking your spam and junk mail folders. I understand that you are receiving the confirmation email but it is possible that the response is being filtered by your email client.

Whatever the case may be, we are here to assist you! I would encourage you to reach out directly to your nearest technical support office over the phone. A representative will be happy to help and provide options for service if necessary. Contact information for Denon DJ support offices can be found at the following link:

Contact a Denon DJ Support Office

Please let me know if you have any questions!