DENON MC4000 Conection/power issue

Hey, there community! I am making this post as I cannot find much about this controller anywhere! So a few weeks ago I got this controller from offer up. the guy was cool and said the controller worked a few months ago and he just had it sitting. It did not come with a power cable so I had to look everywhere for one. Sadly everyone had some but those awful reviews. I finally bought one directly from DENON for 50 bucks. Since I come from a numark party mix, I have much to learn. ANYWAYS (THE POINT): I plug the controller in and the lights do their animation. The first thing I notice when plugging it in is that the lights are starting up on all the buttons, but the controller’s power button isn’t pressed. So I try turning it off and on and it does nothing. I continue as if that wasn’t the first red flag. I tried hooking this up with two cables to MY Windows PC the PC does not recognize the mixer, so I tried again with the cable from my party mix. and still nothing. I tried it with both Serato pro and lite. and nothing. I assumed nothing of it so I hooked it up to my Mac. Tried both cables again and even tried switching the adapter for my mac and still nothing. I’m pretty hopeless at this point due to the lack of anyone having too many issues with this controller. any tips help! thanks for reading!