Denon MC3000 freeze and no midi signals

Hi there,

i need support for my Denon MC3000 DJ Controller. It doesn’t send midi signals anymore. The internal sound card is still working, but when i put a midi monitor on the device it sends a midi signal one time and then it freezes. DDJ Updater shows “Not Update Mode” when both CUE1 buttons are lit, firmware version is V1005, tried it over and over. All drivers on windows are installed, i tried midi monitoring with another pc and an android smartphone and i tried different usb ports and another usb cable, the MC3000 sends no midi. When i switch the power button on all lights are showing up, but after that only a few buttons can be lit on/off. Is there a way to hard reset the device or do you have any other suggestions? I have to say that i bought this device a few years ago in unused new condition and have hardly used it, it looks as new, so that’s a very sad thing.

Thank you


@alejandro Deactivate/activate midi inputs and outputs:

Enter menu to block midi channel (nothing works on denon mc3000 controller) shift + browser 3 seconds, turns on cue1 and the same to connect it in reverse. I hope it helps you friend…