Denon M7000 VDJ fader 1 moves fader 2 as well

Fader 2 was snapped some time ago. The fader still worked if inserting the prong into the slot to slide the plastic part that’s inside the fader. The MC7000 has been on loan to a friend for over a year, it’s just come back to me and now when moving fader 1, fader 2 in the software (VDJ) moves.

I’ve got it in bits and intend on ordering and soldering in a new fader however, I don’t think the issue is the fader, I remember it still worked when sliding it.

What else could this be? Any ideas feedback appreciated.

Thank you

Sounds more like a SW issue. A broken fader stem shouldn’t change the MIDI sent through USB.

You could try resetting to defaults the VDJ mapping for the MC7000.

Yes, it doesn’t seem right at all. It is using the default mapping. My laptop was upgraded to SSD last year so all the crazy mapping I did for the MC7000 is gone (I’ve still got notes so will be redoing some).

I’m thinking it’s just a coincidence that the issue is with the broken fader, unless shoving the prong in created some kind of short. The fader is now removed same issue. I don’t want to buy a replacement for it to still not work. My hope is that this is what the unit will do if there’s no fader and the broken fader was “seen” as that, but this seems like a stretch of a hope. The snapped prong alone would have no detrimental effect but stuffing things in the fader might.

I’ve tried it in Serato too. Same issue.

Thank you Nilre

In case anyone else stumbles upon this issue. I’ve replaced the fader and everything is now back to normal. This must be standard behaviour!

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