Denon Engine DJ Desktop 3.x - Lagging and analyze bugs

Hey! I’ve been having some pretty big problems with the Engine OS software for a few months now.

I recorded a video that I posted on YouTube to better visualize because it is a problem.

When trying to analyze a group of songs by moving them to playlists in a collection, only one song, usually the first song, gets analyzed. Analysis of subsequent ones has to be forced manually.

This is not the worst problem. Much worse is the lagging of the software, making it very difficult to operate the environment and annoying when you miss cue points because the software thinks it will cut off at a random moment for a second or two. These problems have been occurring for several months, and I always try to use the latest software available.

As for the laptop I’m using, I think its components should be more than enough to handle the Engine OS software: CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / integrated UHD Graphics 630 RAM: 32GB SSD Samsung 970 EVO OS: Windows 11 Pro 10.0.22621 The laptop is always connected to the power supply

What was done before the application:

  • Software reinstallation
  • Windows Update
  • Library optimization - cleanup
  • Made sure Engine OS uses a dedicated graphics card instead of an integrated one
  • A huge amount of lemon balm was drunk…

I’m posting a YouTube link that demonstrates the problem perfectly. [](https://YouTube Video)

I will be very grateful if you take the subject seriously and help. After a few months, my irritation took over and I wrote a notification…

With sincere greetings! DJ Pydzik

Hi @Pydzik,

You are not talking about Engine Dj Os, but about Engine Dj Desktop, you will have to correct the title! From what you show us on video, nothing shocks me!

You loaded a track into the player, so it analyzed it! For a non-manual analysis… you have to activate the auto analysis to do this you have to go to the top right, where there is the small mechanical wheel, click on it, you will have to choose the Library tab, Auto Analysis line then click on “On”, once done choose your BPM range so that the analysis is more precise depending on the styles of music you own.

Exit the settings and drag your folders into the Collection column and you will find that the folder you dragged will be fully scanned.


Personally i would only ever set hot cues in the software with the track paused, that way you can ensure its the most accurate marking on the part you want it to be.

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Concerning the latency that you notice with the “Hot Cue”, you will have to reduce the “Buffersize”, which is also found in the mechanical wheel at the top right, except that you will have to choose the “Performance” tab, then line " Buffersize", then a little further to the right, you will have to pull down the small menu of the “Buffersize” value range, then you will have to choose a value lower than “512” (default value), I chose “64” in my example. You may need to test other values like “256”, then “128”, do not try to choose “32” you could encounter another problem with the software.

Since it’s only preparation software as “Stu-C” indicates, I don’t see the point in creating Hot Cues on the fly!

Press pause and drag the Waveforme either forward or backward depending on your need with the mouse cursor or with the touchpad of a laptop and if you want to be more precise you can zoom the Waveforme if necessary (with Ctrl and + and to reduce CTRL and -).

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Yes, you are right, I meant Engine DJ Desktop, not Engine DJ OS. Corrected, thank you for pointing it out.

I’ve owned a Denon Prime 4 for over 3 years and have had the opportunity to use from practically the oldest versions of the software and have never, ever, had such optimization problems.

For years having quantization enabled I’ve been setting Hot Cue points on the fly and 95% of the time they were where I wanted them to be. Nowadays it’s impossible because the software jams!

I will check the buffer settings and let you know if the topic is resolved.

It might be worth running cleanup on your library to see if that helps?

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Engine DJ settings

Set your Hotcue quantise to 1 beat, it may help.

Mine is set to 1/2 beat

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As Stu-C indicates, cleaning the library can improve certain things.

What Musafa offers is also worth testing!

Gentlemen, I have already performed the optimization of the library, as mentioned in the section “What was done before the application”.

I am using quantization set to 1/2.

Unfortunately, the buffer changes according to preliminary observations did not change anything, but I will continue to combine on this issue.

No less further I will be grateful for valuable suggestions

EDIT: I tried changing the sound card. I use the Scarlett 4i4 interface on a daily basis and unfortunately changing to the built-in sound card / wireless headphones didn’t help…

The “Library Optimization” function is used both for the internal Engine desktop library and for the Prime reader. You will need to remember to connect the Prime 4 to the PC with the Blue USB cable, then perform “Run Cleanup”.

Regarding the performance of your PC, maybe there are applications running in the background that would consume a lot of RAM and GPU???

Did you try the several audio options windows has

Asio Asio4all Etc

The other consideration could be keyboard reaction speed.

I’m guessing you are using the keyboard to land the hotcues.

@mufasa I installed Asio4all, unfortunately, it did nothing.

@DjMell26 Just as the screenshot shows - the load is negligible. I even turned off the external monitor to use only the built-in one on the laptop - no difference.

I will try to do a RAM test, as such clipping may indicate a caching problem. Of course, I will let you know when I know more.

There is absolutely no problem with the keyboard, but to confirm this I connected an external one and it did not solve the problem.

I have a desktop PC here - AMD cpu

I have no issues with setting hotcues as the music is playing.

It lands correct as long as I hit the keyboard near the line I want it as the track is playing.

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Perfect also thanks for taking the time to show others, I’ve been using Denon and EDJ for one year and these types of posts and the help you just done is outstanding, respect and hopefully new people will see this.