Denon Engine 1.5.2 Crashes!

Is anybody else having constant crashes with Engine on a MacBook Pro 2016 running Sierra? I can’t even load one song without the SW crashing! Any help please??


Sierra again hmmm.

A new version of Engine is immenent - it may be more able to weave around sierras oddities

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I guess it’s a Sierra thing? Maybe I can get it to work on my PC?

crashes all day on PC master race PC. with win10

Would you be able to advise whats happening and when it crashes? Also if possible can you post the crash log?

I got a prompt response from Denon support and they told me to erase a specific DENON DJ folder in my Mac. Seems to be working now!:grin:

Share the folder to delete so we can all get ours working.

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Please share this information about the folder delete advice as i am also interested.

I just sent a tech support email regarding the issue. I will post whatever they say.

I have same problem with windows laptop i5 .When i start to import a file it crash i hope that soon somebody fix this problem,Different pc trying but no result.

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This is what I got and it worked on my Mac:

MAC user:

Delete the “/Users/Shared/DENONDJ2” folder.


Delete the “C:\DENONDJ2” folder.


I’m not a Engine user but I did read that a workaround (since new Engine 1.5.x is on the way) is to de-select the option to analyze the files when importing them in the database (somewhere in preferences) and then when they are all imported to select them and analyze (right-click options?)