Denon DNS 3700 Update

Hello Guys, I am a proud owner of 2 Denon DNS 3700 and my question is if it’s possible to get a last FW Update for the players to share the Music files from the USB drives with both players via the LAN connection itself?? (Like in the Picture) And maybe FLAC file Support?:upside_down_face:

Hello @tacitamelodiam Welcome to the forum.

The DN-S3700 don’t support link for sharing usb data. This link is only to share CD MEMO data and keayboard for searching.

This product latest software can be found here:

As I see the latest software is V.2020

@NoiseRiser too bad… U know if the FW Support is discontinued???

Yes, for several years already. Dn-s3700 is a legacy product.