Denon DNS 3700 Flashing randomly and unresponsive

My Denon DNS 3700 has developed a fault. It has progressively got worse when it started after a few hours of plating i started to notice buttons flashing that shouldn’t, I think it started with the midi button.

now it is unresponsive and unusable.

Anyone had similar problems and knows what it might be?

One friend suggested that maybe its the transformer?

Any help appreciated

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Did you get any fix for this one of my 3700’s just started this after switching it on for the first time in a while

Hey guys, I think it’s best you contact our customer support team if you’ve not already.

Thanks J

ola tudo bem! também estou tendo o mesmo problema. Você conseguiu arrumar o seu? Se você conseguiu arrumar, poderia me ajudar com o meu cdj dn-s3700?

Ola! Também estou com o mesmo problema, mas não to conseguindo contato com o suporte técnico. Poderia nos ajudar com este problema?

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I took mine apart and noticed there was some oxidization inside. I have changed the top of the unit from one and swapped it with the other and cleaned the rust as best as I could. When I contacted denon the told me to contact the dealer where I bought them from but i bought them second hand.

So far the now seem Ok but I have not had a chance to play on them for a length of time.