Denon DN-X1700 Mac OS

X1700 I own this mixer and I just wonder if it’s compatible with High Sierra ( the soundcard core audio) or is it a lost equipment? I must stay with the older Captain? I know that there is a statement but is it still valid? It’s very good mixer and it would be a shame if I just couldn’t use it with an upgraded OS.

Its not compatible as well as the dn x1600. Very sad, these both are great mixers

Do you know why it’s not compatible? Core audio changed? Is it rewritten or has it to do with licens from the OS-developer? Denon doesn’t want to do a firmware upgrade for adjusting the problem? Couldn’t be that hard for a person with coding skills?

Core audio compliant unfortunately means nothing because Apple frequently changes/breaks something with every OS.

Problem was that Denon uses/used third party support for firmware for their hardware. High Sierra broke support for their audio interfaces just as they reorganized from D&M Holding owned brand into inMusic. Wouldn’t be surprised if rights to modify existing products stayed with D&M. And of course, for inMusic there’s no money to be made supporting D&M era hardware.

Cred is an intangible asset and while probably not priceless, is probably fairly valuable. Is it valuable enough in this case to offset the cost of further development on these drivers? I don’t know. This situation does make me more content in being a Windows 7 user, though.

Hi @DJColdfield

As you may know, the DN-X1700 is supported for use on Mac operating systems up to El Capitan 10.11. Because operating system support can change each year with every new OS release, we make current support requirements clear and available to all prospective users before choosing to purchase new gear or update their operating system.

Product longevity is important to our brand. Not only in building reliable and long-lasting DJ equipment, but in providing quality support for each product for its entire lifespan. Since the release of the DN-X1700 almost 10 years ago, the product received several updates as necessary to provide continuous compatibility with each Mac and Windows update. Even with firmware updates, compatibility with the release of macOS Sierra 10.12 was not possible and the product was moved to Legacy status.

With all of that said, we still provide support for the DN-X1700 when used with compatible operating systems, and the availability of working, second-hand DN-X1700 mixers certainly speaks to the build-quality and reliability that Denon DJ is known for. While the DN-X1700 will need to be used with a compatible operating system in order to use all of the advertised features, we are more than happy to get you in touch with one of our support agents directly who can help you get up and running and answer any further questions.


Thx Paul! I will not upgrade my computer. I was just wondering. It’s a very good mixer and I will keep it. I just want to be sure not to upgrade my Mac. I know it’s a legacy product but the promises made for it where not fulfilled. Just one firmware upgrade and then terminated. I know that the soul of it is live in the X1800 but for the moment I have to wait before I can move on to the prime hardware. Tried it and comparing to the ”industry standard” much better. As a sound freak there is no competition except for the handbuild rotarys and Allen Heath. So again, thx for the response! Now I know more why. The universe of Apple is a strange place to be.


Thank you for your email, apologies for the delayed response, we are currently experiencing a high volume of support requests.

The driver will only show as one, because it is only one, the system sees the DNX1700 as single unit, with mulitple outputs running off of a single driver.

As to what is being recognised by TYraktor, I am unsire of what to suggest we are unable to support Traktor as it is not our software.

What I have seen before with DVS signals not registering properly is poorly/faulty RCA/Phono cables interrupting the signal between the timecode source, in this case your Technics and the DVS interpreter, the X1700. Because the DVS system relies heavily on the time code signal, if it is not showing up properly this can be cuased by cables.

I can see you are running on Windows, I would advise removing the drivers from your computer completely through the Device Manager. Restart your computer, run a registry cleaner/repair software like CCleaner and then re-install the latest driver ASIO driver.

Then reattempt to configure your DVS system, if you are still having issues we will be happy to assist where we can, however I would also ask Traktor if they are able to offer any support on the software side of things.

I hope this helps.

This is the kind of support you offer for the 1700 after three weeks?

They have give you several things in a list of to try. They all see to be viable ideas.

I would think the best thing to do would be trying only one suggestion idea , then stop, then test the mixer again then only then try the next suggestion if the problem keeps there.

If you try all the suggestions at same times then you won’t know what fix was the fixing one

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They only give me ONE thing to try and you know what? I figured out myself about uninstalling and delete the driver’s registry in the nearly a month they took to answer and nothing changed.

Also I even had the time to contact “Traktor” and “he” said that I should ask Denon DJ about the driver since they made it, in a glorius “companies blame each other and the client remains f…” that is becoming a classic.

But at least NI support took the time to phone me, access remotely my computer and keep investigating the issue and all in one week.

Because of course I’m not removing the original rca cables from my Technics just because someone from Denon support that it even didn’t took the time to fix his spelling and calls the other company “Traktor” says so apart from that they work as always did with real vinyl.

What are the other “several things” you see I can try based in their answer?

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I can understand of why the traitor company would take remote control of you computer and look at lots of things as DJ software has many things to be checked. A driver of a mixer has almost nothing to see of a remote controller session.