Denon DN-SC2900 CD play/pause freeze BUG

Playing normally CD mode, and pressed play/pause to stop playing. The play NOT stopped. LED jog circle stopped, CUE and PLAY standard waiting light, time display still.

Sound still playing in buffer and display circle (jog circle in display) rotating.

Solution: press play/pause again.

Video: Denon DN-SC2900 CD play freeze -

Well it’s informative that you’ve mentioned it, but the SC-2900 has ended production several years ago. While Denon have made updates to some models after their end date, it’s fairly unlikely that a possible CD bug would get looked into and any firmware released for an SC2900 now, in 2022.

A lot of CD playback issues can normally be attributed to the CD surface or track itself - as both those things can affect how playback is handled.

Also , be aware that there’s a fault reporting form which has pre-set questions laid out for completion, so that all info is captured/given