Denon DN-S1200 - will not play playlists from USB?

So I have tried getting the my Denon DN-S1200 to play playlists without any luck.

I formatted the drive in FAT32 on my computer, created the full DB on the actual unit.

Then with Denon DJ Music Manager v1.3.3 added files to the USB stick, synced with the DB, created a playlist, moved songs to it, and saved the playlist.

When I put it into the S1200 and go look for the ‘playlist play mode’ I find my playlist, but when I click the track selector button to select the playlist, the playlist will be there with all the tracks, BUT when I hit the big PLAY button it will not start playing, it just does nothing.

I can play all the tracks fine with the ‘play file mode’, but I want to play a playlist!

I tried creating the db on the unit and getting the playlist over via DJMM. Also tried creating the db using DJMM.

Tried mp3s. Tried WAVs. Same result.

Why can’t I play playlists?! All the info comes up correctly, but when I hit PLAY, nothing happens.

I know that this is an old thread; but I’m curious to find out if your issue was resolved. I just purchased mint Denon DN-S1200 players; and have had difficulty with the database as well. I think regarding my issue, my guess is that the files must be CD quality (44.1kHz) whereas most files are probably higher (48kHz or 96kHz). I’m going to test this further and report back if it matters to anyone. Strangely, I also own the DN-HD2500 rack mount unit, which is from the same era as the DN-S1200, and they always take my MP3 and WAV files with zero problems.