Denon DN-S1200 USB file issue

Hello friends. I’ve been DJing for 30 years, playinng tropical music in clubs and concerts. I’ve been using my two DN-S1200 for 10+ years and I really like them. I use a USB stick to play and I am wondering why some mp3 files are just not visible via the player (when they are on my PC).

It’s not a DENON_DJ folder issue, I delete it everytime I add new songs. It is not connected to the bitrate of the file/song (I cross checked and identical bitrate files are visible).

Anybody can help ?

Thanks in advance

If bitrate and sample rate (S1200 supports only 44.1kHz) match, only other issue could be id3 tag data (too big cover art for example). There are various programs for cleaning and editing id3 tags.

In addition MP3 files can be mildly corrupted, which makes them readible (for example in your windows explorer) but still add up in specific devices like MP3/CD-players.

There are tools that check MP3 integrity too.