Denon DN-HC4500 Technical problems

Hi all,

I’m new here. I’m trying to set up an HC 4500 to run with OTS AV. I’m having all manner of problems trying to get two stereo outs working. I’ve tried it on two separate laptops with two versions of ASIO drivers - The latest and the one before and so far nothing has worked. I have a feeling that it might help if I update the firmware, but on both laptops (vista and windows 10) the updater programme tells me the “file is not ready” and half the time tells me that the unit is not connected. This is of course not true. Can anyone else out there help?


What file extension is the file that you’re pointing the updater at? Eg BIN (binary) or ZIP (compressed archive).

When the updates for the HC4500 were made available online they, like most updates were the firmware BIN file and a text file or PDF with the updating instructions and a list of Enhancements featuring on that update. Those files were all wrapped up in a zip file to keep them together.

For updating, you’d only normally need to point at the BIN file.

If in doubt please contact our support team to avoid causing issues to the unit. They can guide you through investigating the cause.

Ok folks. Managed to update. Thanks for the info. Now to see if I can get stereo outs on both systems…(on OTS AV Software) OK. Vista - Done! Windows 10 - Done! YEEEESSS!!! Thanks again. Such a damn relief!

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Glad to hear that it is all sorted for you positively :slight_smile: