Denon DN-D4500 & BU-4500 (linking with newer products)

I still use this sytem due to the reason, that it is stable and handy for my beneeds. It would be great if there are some ways to link this device directly with newer products. A great thing would be to link it with the MCX8000, so that I can have 4 decks for USB, 2 decks for CDs and a linking between CD-Usage and digital usage.

Karaoke-Support (CD+G or digital) can also be great.

Hi - the RCA/phono Audio output sockets on the rear of the drawer unit of the 4500 can of course be plugged into the Line inputs on the mixer section of the 8000. That way, you could run two mixer channels with Engine, and two mixer channels with your 4500.

There’s no plug’n’play solution for controlling the drawer units from the 8000, instead of using the 19" rack panel 4500 controls.

Karaoke wise, the 4500 drawers have digital out and I believe that, in the height of karaoke, a couple of companies brought out a cd+g interface which plugged into “almost any” CD player which had digital out. Whether or not the karaoke disc format would be readable, or would just give “read error”, you’d have to give that a go.

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Ah, okay. Can you recommend some compatible interfaces, for which I can play CD+G inside BU4500?

I will test DEX3 for this…

Citronic used to make such a unit I believe - but that was a good few years ago.

Yea, RCA to controller input, what I suggest is conversion to digital for your karaoke, and use a laptop for it, using a media player with a cdg capability. I use winamp with cdg plugin for karaoke, and can still use Traktor. I do still use my 4500 rackmount with an MC6000mk2 also in the rack, hook up a lappy, best of both worlds.