Denon DJ VL12 Tonearm an OEM Gemini?

A few reviews (Digital DJ Tips) are saying Tonearm is an OEM Gemini or “like a Gemini” This is the only thing stopping me from buying one / Please convince me about tonearm!

I know that the material, the solid or hollowness, weight and resonance of a tone arm all have influences but visually there’s not a lot to differentiate between a VL12 tonearm, a Gemini tone arm , a twig from an oak tree or a MacDonald’s straw with a pin stuck on the end.

Also, you say “a few reviews” but just mention DJ tips - was it just the one review(er) that is making this vaguerism ?

Seriously? Is this post for real? The tonearm’s the only thing holding you back? The VL12 and some Gemini TTs use the same OEM: Yahorng.

Denon being part of the same family that owns Numark, I doubt they’d get Gemini parts. It would make more sense to get something from Numark?

As for weight, stiffness, etc., this is a double-edged sword. Yes, all those things matter … but … and it’s a big but in my opinion … us DJ’s abuse turntables. We run them anywhere from 2 to (more likely) 5 grams of needle pressure (quarter and tape anyone?), we back-spin, we scratch and we play music very loud on PA’s that make your intestines vibrate from sub-low energy.

My point here being that the only thing that would really matter to me as a DJ, is the quality of the stylus (not much choice anymore and really only a choice between “classic” head-shell or Concorde-style) and the mechanical sturdiness of the whole assembly as the latter will determine how much abuse it can really take.

Shoot me if I am wrong, but I never caught wind of Gemini using sub-standard tone arms, i.e. no stories of arms breaking or becoming loose at joints causing audible or handling problems. Ok, maybe not shoot me, cause I might just have missed it, having said goodbye to vinyl quite a while ago.

Just my three cents, as usual.

Both Gemini and Numark (TT series excluded) were known for using cheap, easily breakable tonearms. The counter-lever systems would always come loose or crack as well. It wasn’t until the TTX/200 that Numark rectified this. Gemini still had this issue on the hybrid turntable.

Guess I really didn’t speak to enough Gemini/Numark turntable users :-D. And yes, as I said in my original reply, a tone arm not up to physical abuse would most definitely not have a place in a DJ booth.

As such I still understand the OP’s concern.

Thanks to all replies --just purchased one today

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