Denon dj Traktor

i manage my music library in Serato.

The main two limitations for me using this method

  1. changes to Serato DJ are not reflected in engine DJ without workarounds e.g. if i add more tracks to a crate in Serato or remove some tracks from a crate i have previously added to engine DJ from Serato.

  2. if i add more hot cues to a track in Serato, it is not reflected in the same file/track in engine DJ.

despite these, i still stick to my method.

i am particular about my hotcues, loops, beatgrids etc. i do not have the time to be doing that job again engine DJ.

PS - i have a Lexicon subscription and this helps manage the “limitations” i stated above.

my workflow

  1. manage library in Serato

  2. sync it to lexicon

  3. sync from lexicon to engine dj


yes and also my solution

As a die hard Traktor boi myself, I would love to be able to use my traktor library and laptop with my primes.

I wish NI would Open up functionality like that but they have shown zero interest in doing that, unfortunately :sob: With the best analysis in the market and imo much better library management then Engine OS, Traktor is still my go to platform.

I really just want to be able to use the Denons for the soundswitch integrations for my booth so all my lights can be linked for both my Prime 4s and my Traktor Kontrol S4 :pleading_face:

I just don’t see that happening at all because NI is living in their own little DJ world.

Maybe it can be mapped or someone did it already? Some interesting resources.[software_id]=29

The question is why Traktor supports Pioneer Players in HID mode but dont want to support Denon? if its really a “native isntruments only” thing then i have not any understanding for that behave as it would help Traktor a lot in license sales.

Mabye Denon could pay for that? as it more would help Denon to sell more Players or LC6000s then it would help Traktor to sell licenses as Traktor is already a low priced software.

Traktor can’t even provide support for MacBook Retina displays that have been on the market for nearly 10yrs… the software is pretty much dead at this point, why would InMusic want to waste money paying for them to integrate their devices on such a risky enterprise?

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Let me explain. While Denon DJ was owned by D&M Holding and Traktor/Serato had just added support for CDJ players as HID, Denon went so far in order NOT TO PAY for it that they invented something called hybrid mode for their players (a super complicated way of controling software where platter, play/cue and pitch control timecode signal generated by the unit while all the other buttons send midi over usb).

When inMusic bought Denon DJ brand, they went so far with “ditch the laptop” motto they had their own company (AirMusic) rebuild the Engine program just to have a in-house software solution for firmware and library. SC5000 players did not had support for DJ software on launch (Jan 2017), and if I remember correctly, not even VDJ could integrate it until inMusic shared data about the screen.

Cue Dec 2017, almost a year after launch, support for Serato was bought. Most likely because sales data wasn’t great for 2017.

Think it took at least another year (2019?)until screen data was released so VDJ could support it.

TL;DR inMusic will not pay for it, Traktor will not add it without being paid for it.

you absolute underrate how many people still use Traktor and just need a good reason to change or extend the slow developing software. Traktor was by far the best DJ Software in the world around 10 years ago. and they still have probably the best Beatgrid Analyze and for sure its the most structured GUI of all programs on the market. yes i would agree by developing speed its “nearly dead” and the market share compare to RB and Serato is nowadays really small. but what is left are really “die hard” Traktor Fans. (Traktor works fine with Retina not any problem btw.) So you just would have the option to transform these die hard Traktor Fans into Denon Users. it could be a really big thing for Denon/Insmusic especially after Alpha Teta bought Serato. not to forget that the knowledge from Native Instruments about Effect Quality etc. is way higher then what Denon has to offer up to now.

Im not arguing over how many people use it, im arguing over the level of development its been given by the company, which is basically zero. It would make zero logical sense to invest time and money into a product that the company who manage it don’t spend time and money developing.

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Traktor was ahead of its time and still has features that Serato hasn’t repurposed as its own new feature yet. :rofl:. That’s probably why development is slow


Its a SHAME what Traktor did with its users the last 10 years! One of the worst development directions of any software i know in the world!

  • nevertheless it would be super smart if you would be able to use Traktor with Denon Gear. It would give Denon a really nice selling and position claiming boost. As simply there are many who use it and love it even when there would not be any change more in the future - but as you know also NI just released a new X1 Controller and a Traktor Pro Subscription Model so they are going slow but they are not going away…

Seeing as the CDJ-3000 has been given support, it makes you wonder if there is some kind of exclusivity agreement between them and Pioneer. Traktor support was originally touted with earlier Denon products but it never materialised.

Today, I doubt it. But maybe before, when Traktor was on it’s peak popularity, if only for a limited duration.

I think at this point it’s a matter of inMusic giving SDK for screens to DJ software developers if they want to support it but offering no compensation per unit/licence.

Traktor then has no incentive to add support since it will not bring it new users/money (nobody buys standalone players to then buy a DJ software licence they did not had before) and since Denon players are not in the club booths that would also not bring any value to the existing Traktor users.

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