Denon DJ SC6000 - displaying waveforms on linked players

Does anyone know if Denon plans on adding stacked waveforms to the SC6000’? Specifically referring to displaying the waveform of two linked players. I know this feature has been requested several times, however I have not heard any updates on this request. I bought these controllers hoping that Denon would eventually add this feature in a future update.

Hi @DJYahtz vote here:

One of the most popular requests.

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Daft idea… if it comes I hope it is removable


I’d hope so too. A prime system can have 4 decks each with 2 layers - that means that for this wish to be implimented fully, to everyone’s satisfaction, you’d need 8 waveforms showing on the display - which display? All of the displays of course, to appease every variation - that’s 64 waveforms scrolling along

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I think just the master at the top would be sufficient. So it’d be 3 wave forms: the two on the two layers and one “master” from another player if applicable.

Three waveforms per unit = 12 waveforms

That’s a lot of processing an bandwidth - but who knows… it might happen

Let the engineering/dev team cook!

That’s quite an extreme scenario and I’m not aware of a 8 channel prime mixer.

Prime system is quite unstable for when I link 4 SC Players in single layer and Sharing one drive. Oftentimes only 3 players are working properly. This has been reported.

I’d rather auto adjusting beatgrids over stacked waveforms on the sc6000s but that’s just me