Denon DJ Prime Go - Should I buy?

I have been using my Prime 4 for a year now and despite some of the software challenges and little quirks…I love it, I am a Denon fan. It is a solid and professional piece of gear that I use as my main controller now. Most of my wedding receptions these days require me to play a ceremony either outside of the venue or in another room within the venue. I typically bring out my MC7000 and Laptop (VDJ) with a couple mics and small JBL Compacts. I would like to streamline the process and make it even lighter as far as weight and ease of setup. So, I am considering selling the MC7000 (in great shape) along with the red ProX case and getting the Prime Go. What is everyone’s opinion about the quality and reliability of the Prime Go? Mic inputs sound good? Let me know your thoughts…thanks gang.

To date, there is 1 drawback - this is the lack of indication of the volume levels of the channels separately. Otherwise good

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It’s a professional equipment. Battery will last for nearly 4 hours( wifi disabled) , I’ve tried! You have no eq o the mic-channels and the above with the levels. Sound is excellent.

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The Go is great other than the drawbacks above, the Prime 2 might be a good option it is a lot smaller than the 4

I like the GO as well…I do not like the small jog wheels and I do not like they placed the hot cues above the jog wheels, making it difficult to press them and the play button with one hand, and also you may touch the jog wheels and pause playback.

As well really missing the slip mode and any sort of sampling as the GO has only 4 physical buttons for hot cues, etc.

Of course these may not matter to you depending how you DJ. The screen is excellent, but it does not tilt. I use laptop stand withing my case to prop the GO at an angle. The sound is excellent as well. Really nice piece of hardware


Thanks for the feedback.

If you dont need a batterypowerd unit, go with the prime 2. Otherwise the prime go is great if you are looking fir something versatile that you can bring everywhere. I use tsk mackie gos and a battery powerd DMX light. So i can dj everywhere. If you dont have batterypowered speakers use the prime 2.

That said prime 2 won’t be too different from the prime 4, smaller and 2 channels opposed to 4 so the user experience will be identical.

If your looking for a different user experience and something different then go for the GO.

I have a prime 4 and a GO and love them both but there are days when I just prefer to get the GO out as it’s just so easy to get on and play.

The Prime Go is great if you wanna do a gig on the beach or in the park where there is no electricity available but you also want to get a pair of battery powered speakers such as the Mackie Thump Go that makes for a great setup for such occasions.

Yeah I have a pair of JBL Compact One’s. My whole purpose is to have a small and convenient wedding ceremony system. I think my biggest concern is the mic inputs and the quality of them. Not sure if that will be sufficient for a couple of Mics. I need at least some basic EQ on the mics. By the way, have you heard if the Mackie go’s have a little more power than the JBL compacts that I have? In small spaces my jbl’s sound awesome but when I’m outside they kind of lose a lot.

you could get an small EQ that you put between the mic input of the Go and the micro.

I do have two Mackie Gos and i would always prefer two of them before one Soundboks. I am suprised about the audo quality they can deliver. For such a versatile systems, two mackies and a prime go, its more than enough. Of course it lacks a little bit of bass, but if you dont want to trough a big House/techno party they will deliver for their size. My friends and I are more in the house/techno genre and we all are surprised by the mackies. Two mackies have also a decent size to transport each of them in a sport bag. Something you couldnt do with a soundboks.

If you want to go an extra step, there are several Battery based DMX lights. I do connect them to my prime go via the soundswitch dmx dongle. So i have even battery powerd dmx synced lights. Love this set up.

I recommend the Prime Go. Very powerful unit, great battery life, portable, pro grade output setup for xlr, 1/4". Yes the downside is no effects on the mic, and no monitor for the aux input, and no manual edit of loop start or end, which can be worked arounded. I use the unit as an idea box, I have the Prime 2, a SC5000 pair with the Rane 70, and the Rane 12mk2’s with the Rane 72. Now the unit does have a record function which is great but if you are recording a set you cannot record streamed music, Tidal, Beatport, etc. I use a Zoom r8 to record and track my mixes and them bounce them to my laptop to handle MP3 management. The jogs are ok and I can pill off some basic scratches, I modified the unit with a portable 4tb hard drive. Yes use the Engine software to organize songs. Another note is to have a usb pocket drive, like the Samsung usb/c drive or one that is usb/lighting flash drive for Apple to transfer music onto your phone. I Love the Denon Dj brand and customer support is open to ideas. The Prime 4 I did have but I may have purchased a bad unit other then that DENON DJ THE FUTURE OF DJ’ING !!!