Denon DJ Prime 2 - Playing error

Hi everyone, I recently bought a Denon DJ Prime 2 and i’m so happy with it, but sometimes it has a playing error (I think it always happened in DECK 2). Mostly when I use it for more than one or two hours. It doesn’t play the song. Not with the hot cues, not with play, not holding the cue button… Sometimes i load another song and it gets fixed, but not everytime, and sometimes i need to restart the Prime 2. It seems that with the last update (1.6.1) this happens less commonly, but i still have that issue.

Anyone can help me?


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maybe put this parameter to “On” so as not to disturb the loading of music:

Safety •Lock Playing Deck: This setting determines whether or not you will be able to load a track to the deck as it is playing. Select On or Off. When this setting is on, the deck must be paused in order to load a track to it.

Thank you very much, I will try it and let you know if this solves my issue. Anyway I think I will process my guarantee because there are a couple of knobs that are not working well.