Denon DJ MCX8000 + Firmware

I have an Denon DJ MCX8000 controller with an old firmware version. There is now a new version V 2.1 When i update this new version are there any issues.

I us Serato DJ Pro v1.9.6 with this controller. And a Macbook Pro 2012, I7, 16 GB ram 500 SSD Sierra 10.12.3 And have now no issues!

Hi Kradcliffe,

I us this controller always with my MCB and USB sticks. Engine i never use. Don’t work i think.? I have this controller now 3 Years till it came out.

Do you have update the Firmware to v 2.1

@kradcliffe I have the same problem. Hopefully it will be resolved with a new firmware… :thinking:

If you’re prepared to help with they testing you can sign for the beta testing on the new latest firmware for the mcx8000

I don’t own an MCX8000, but like @DJ_Sontag says, look here to participate:

I’ve already signed. Waiting beta firmware link :blush:

Same here :slight_smile: Can’t wait !!

I have also signed, a question like knowing have you been chosen to participate as a beta tester