Denon DJ MC7000 Line Faders Discontinued?

One of the faders on the controller needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, I’ve been informed by the service center in Greece that Denon has discontinued this part and it’s out of stock. -Amazing after sales support Denon DJ-, what am i suppose to do now, throw 800€ in the trash bin?

First step - don’t take a dealers word for it being discontinued - some dealers have hidden agendas about what they want to service, or not. Besides faders, within certain characteristics, are not manufacturer specific so you could probably find a compatible replacement fader from a fader supplier such as innofader

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Have a look around here: Denon Pro MC7000 Spare Parts - Denon Audio and DJ Parts

You’ll have to look about to find the part but being ‘old’ Denon DJ (pre-inMusic) you may find the parts are shared between the other models like the MCX8000 etc.

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I have all the details I needed. Unfortunately, everywhere I looked, it’s out of stock. I am sure there are alternatives, but I am not sure the lengths will be identical, and I have not been able to find something that matches exactly yet

Even in Instrumentalparts it says that it has been discontinued.

It’s just a case of finding the right aftermarket replacement now.

Maybe looking for a dead one on eBay that can be used as a donor for the fader?

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Found a service manual for the 6000MK2 online (Google)

It says it’s a 45mm fader

Check the part number and specs…then search online for other faders/potentiometers with the same spec

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Service manual says crossfader is 941674005060P but for the life of me cannot find the line fader on the list?

All I can see is that it goes on a special fader board (originals will need to be desoldered from the boards) and that it should have 2pins on one side and 4 on the other side.

Edit: found it - 941674100120P


It’s a 20K 60MM pot (45mm is the fader travel). Dual gang (stereo), linear.

Should only cost a few quid. Certainly not £20 or whatever Denon charged.

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Yes, @PKtheDJ you are right all the necessary specifications are the ones below.


  • Resistance: 20K Dual Gang (2x2)
  • Resistance Characteristic: Linear (B)
  • Length Out: 60 mm
  • Length Route: 42 mm
  • Hole Spacing: 57 mm
  • Length of Lever: 21 mm
  • Dimensions: 60 mm x 29 mm x 9 mm (WxHxD) without mid-point

The 20K makes it a bit difficult.

The only one i’ve been able to find is this one, but the dimension is different (H is 7 instead of 3), so i am not sure if the dimensions of the original part that i have are wrong.


Someone told me that they use pioneer ones to repair the MC7000s, but i can’t find details about Pioneer’s faders, it seems impossible to find their specifications.

Edit: Seems like the 29mm for Height dimension is partially wrong, it is the total height including the lever.

Are you sure this particular one is linear? Log would be the usual choice for volume.

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I guess so, because this is what the B stands for, no?

Fair enough. I edited my earlier post.

Just looking for “MC7000 channel fader” brings up a guy on eBay (methleykev) selling faders for numerous things, who’s listing one as compatible. Inflated price, but if he’s got it…

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I was about to comment this but seems you noticed also.

Anyway…I would order the one you found, seems like a good match. I think you could measure the lever height on the original to make sure it’s not too short.

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So, I managed to speak to a service center. They told me, as I said before, that they now use Pioneer’s DCV 1020, which is a 10KB2x2 potentiometer, as the original part has been officially discontinued. Apparently, according to them, the resistance difference is not a problem. They told me that the only difference is the volume levels per movement, so they suggest changing all four of them so that you don’t have volume differences per channel when the faders are at the same level.

EDIT: I ended up on the ones i found. Already shipped. The order will be delivered in 5 days. Let’s see.