Denon dj Evolution on one picture

Enjoy :wink:


Nice to see the classics. Had several myself including the MD players.

The DN-4000 from 1991 was the first Denon I encountered after the Technics SL-P1200.

It was bad using it. All was controlled with one remote and one jog wheel. You had to chose player A or B before activating a function with the jog, but there was no player lock…

So when playing a track on A and you forgot to choose B before selecting another track and gave the jog wheel a spin…bye bye music.


It was also the first dj player with scratch function.


Yes, sounded mwah. I said A/B but it was 1/2…

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DN-2700 ?

I had one from a visit to the American states

I still have the Denon DN-2000F and the DN-2000F MK2. Unbreakable tanks… I don’t use them actively, but it’s fun to keep them.

I hope they will come up with a software update soon so that I can use the 2000F with Tidal and I can start using these units again :rofl::joy:


This is great! I need this as a giant print on my office wall! Still got the 1800 and a pair of S5000’s for home use.

I want to see one for their mixers and one for their turntables. :smiling_imp:

Here You go

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I miss rotary 500

Thank fully there was no rotary 500.

Just the user replaceable real line fader could be swap out for 1 2 3 or 4 rotary fader if the user bought them as spare parts and fit them on his own choice

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duh. thanks for the obvious

I am happy to help you as such need.

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