Denon Dj / Akai Force Standalone Mode

Hey I have the Akai Force and want to start DJing again.

Wanted to buy the best system to integrate with it in Standalone Mode (w/o a pc). Can the Prime to that? Do I need an X1800?

Appreciate your help.

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I think u need a PC to sync the two up.

Eg using Serato, Ableton Link and the hardware

I could be wrong. Folks were talking about this months ago…search the forums for the past threads.

Thank you.

Do you know if there is a way to use the SC5000 with the Force without the X1800. Either with or without a PC?

It will be same when you use whatever current gear you own. eg SC5000 + Rane 72 (or any other hardware that unlocks Serato DJ Pro eg Rane 62, SL3, SL4, Pioneer DJMs, Mixars, Allen & Heath etc)

The SC5000 does not send Midi Clock or Midi Timecode information. You will need the X1800 in order to sync any external gear with the SC5000’s. Currently, in my setup, I run the Midi out from the X1800 to my Digitakt (which is the sequencer in use for my hardware).

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

Do you think the same thing could be done with the Prime 4?

The Prime4 does not have Midi output

Yes. I’m aware of that. What exactly could be accomplished by midi output?

Also is the two deck in one system of the sc5000 mean that with the X1800 I would only need one deck. Meaning I could mix and switch tracks with only one deck?

Thanks a lot

The midi output will run from the X1800 to your Akai Force to send the clock/tempo information and keep the units in sync.

Got you. So basically the midi connection mis what would allow me to sync everything in Standalone without serato, right?

Also, and thanks again, if I could only get one sc5000 with no mixer to start with could I use it to “dj” linking it to Serato and the Force?

You need a Serato compatible mixer or soundcard to use the SC5000 with Serato.

So basically to use with the force my setup should be sc5000 + x1800 right?

Yes. That is correct.

thanks a lot.

I went ahead and got the x1800. I´ll use serato as my “deck” until I purchase the sc5000.


Keep us in the loop regarding your setup - likes and dislikes etc. I’m hoping to document my eventually use of the Force + sc5000 + turntables + whatever once I stream line stuff a bit. Best of luck.

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