Denon 5000M - Autoplay thru playlist?

Hey all,

New to the Denon family. Just got the 5000M -thourougly impressed by this machine! Couple of minor things that I’m wondering tho-

  1. Can or will the player play thru an entire playlist? Is there an option or a setting to engage this? For instance, for weddings I don’t “mix” the dinner music. On my pioneer 2000’s I would simply hit play and have the songs play thru.

  2. Also I noticed when touching the platter, even with master tempo on, the pitch still get’s distorted. Has the latest update addressed this issue?

  3. Isn’t it possible to just load a USB with the serato scratch signal and use the Denon as a controller? As opposed to buying additional products etc. I’ve been told I need to buy some more hardware for this to happen.

For those wondering: My rider consists of 2 Denon 5000M’s and the Pioneer S9 Mixer.

Anyhow other those minor setbacks this machine is amazing. Looking forward to any responses.

  1. The 5000M is not Serato DJ compatible, but as you said you can load up a Timecode USB and use with the S9.

I am waiting for the Serato compatibility as well.

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Right now it’s difficult to get a linked SC Prime to go though a whole list of music, such as in a folder. This doesn’t just affect continuous mode but even the use of previous/next buttons. Instead try it on the unit the drive is plugged into.

Yes, any nudging of the platter or record potentially can override keylock right now on the SC5000M when the motor is ON. It’s not just you. This is still an issue on the latest release firmware. Occassionally this even sometimes happens a little on the non-M touch version when using its already-weird jog bend, but it happens almost all the time on the M’s platter with the motor ON. Hopefully this is resolved in later firmwares.

Glass half full: some of the old Denon moving platter models totally ignored the platter when the motor was ON and only recognized bends on the record itself, so the M is at least a step up in allowing that option. Personally I think the M’s record is a bit touchy with direct vinyl bending, but I’m probably a little out of practice on that with 7".

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