Deleting tracks directly fron players

Is there a way to delete one or more tracks directly from the player without having to go through the computer. I’m not talking about simply deleting a song from a playlist but completely removing the selected tracks from the hard drive or usb stick inserted in the player.

If not, it would be nice if it will be possible in near future

Also to remove the red tracks directly from the player


This is not currently possible - you might consider turning this thread into a feature request using the template (and asking Reese to move it to the appropriate feature request section) :+1:

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We do need this.

Kinda like the idea. Please make a feature request and I’ll give it a like.

Maybe just a ‘Mark’ option, so it easy to find those tracks we want to delete, when we connect the drive to Engine Prime :slightly_smiling_face:


See here:

Ability to copy/move tracks between connected media sources (pendrives, SDcards, etc) and delete tracks - MEDIA PLAYERS / Feature Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum


As pressing “delete” when you’re drunk isn’t always going to be the same action you’d take when you’re sober lol


This would work.

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