Delete missing/red tracks

I can’t find an easy right click to remove missing tracks option. How do I delete missing tracks from my collection?

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Hello there, right click on a missing file and then “remove from collection”.

THanks for that. I guess I wasn’t clear - how do I do that for ALL of them, not one by one.

There is no way to do this currently.

Save yourself frustration and use any other music management program. Engine DJ is over 10 years behind the competition.

Cant you click on one, hold shift and click the last one and it highlights them all? or use CTRL to make multiple selections at once?

Ive never tried myself, just querying.

Yeah I missunderstood something here. He want a list of all red / missing files and delete them all at once. But since you are not able to filter all red / missing files, you have to delete then one by one. :confused:

Ah so is there no column with a warning symbol like there is in Serato?

unfortunately not yet. I think the hidden agenda on that is to never delete any tunes from the main collection and sort things out with the playlist logic.

Only problem with that is like my collection. There are no options to relocate or delete the red files from the primary Serato collection. So they copy over to the media player. They are essentially orphaned from what is in the Serato collection.

I have to say, that the EngineDj software feels like we are back in 2007. Nowhere near to Serato or Rekordbox management. It’s not even a good clone tool to the media player. Every time I switch on, there is a different issue.


I’d be open to that. What other program do you suggest? I just bought 2 SC6000’s.