Delay when enabling/disabling a channel cue after having changed cue mix/solo setting in options

Sometimes after changing the headphone cue mix/solo under options, there is a two or three second delay when engaging/disengaging the channel cues until I have rebooted the unit. Doesn’t happen very often, but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

BTW, love the quality of the upsampling on this mixer and the DSP processing.


I love that mixer also, it’s a shame Denon no longer supports it.

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Reticuli, if I remember correctly, that’s the option that changes the way cueing works (mix = several channels can be cued at the same time, solo = cueing another channel dissengages previously cued channel)? They probably thought that option is something user sets once when they first time play on the unit and not something that would be changed in the middle of a set. Can it be imported from a usb stick (as a user setting) without rebooting the unit?

Thats exactly it. It’s one of those “set once to your own taste or way of working then leave the thing alone”

Most mixers don’t even give you the option of changing whether you can cue more than one channel in the headphones at the same time, or not. So whining about it years later is pretty trivial