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every time I restart the Prime 4, the view is set to vertical, even though I set it to horizontal every time. Is there a way to save the view on the device or select a default view?

It should automatically save. If it’s not doing then somethings not quite right.

Have you tried a factory reset? That gives the unit a total wipe and restart and while it can be 10 minutes of logging back into your online streaming accounts and getting the settings how you had them, it can flush any funky behaviour out.

Update to the latest version if you’ve not already (3.0.0) but make sure you don’t have a gig imminently as some Lexicon users have had issues (which are now resolved).

Hopefully that should help with the unit behaving. Occasionally a setting may get a little messed up and forget its default. A refresh can put things back.

No I didnt. I also don’t use any streaming service. I try a reset an look if it’s saved the view. As far as I can remember I have never saved the view in a version. (v2.4.0 / v2.3.2 / …)

I updated it to 3.0.0

Hopefully a reset my sort it then. My view is saved over reboots so it seems there’s something a little out with it. Fingers crossed.

…but what did u mean with this? Is 3.0.0 so buggy? I tested the version at my home for 5 hours with all the new features. Streaming from Engine DJ Desktop and the new sampler. I didn’t notice any errors or other problems.

I’ve not found any bugs in V3.0 but anyone using outside database managers had issues that weren’t the fault of Engine. They were fixed in the latest update of that particular software (they were using Lexicon DJ library manager).

Yours is fine so no worries.

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According to me, all parameters are saved in the medium that you choose at startup (I checked it on the example of choosing different colors of the yoga backlight). Try setting the view to landscape and then save these settings in preferences.

The jog colours etc are saved onto the SSD/USB/SD card for use in different devices. The screen layout is remembered by the device itself.

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I had the same when switch to 3.0. I will try factory reset just in case!

You may be right, but I still have no problem with the view. What I leave before turning off Prime4 is also the next time I turn it on.

After factory reset the wave are now saving the view. Thank you :slight_smile:

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