Dedicated Laptop for soundswitch, with or without audio files?

I would like to have a dedicated laptop with soundswitch. my question:

To build a custom lightshow to a specific track do I need to have the audio file on the soundswitch laptop?

anyone familiar with this?

Just started to work with Sound Switch as well (Prime 4). At first all of your tracks need a Beatgrid. So if they were analyzed in Engine Prime the computer where you run Sound Switch needs access to the files to build up the lightshow for each track. So if the files must be on the same Laptop as Sound Switch depends on your setup - but as i wrote, the laptop need access to the files.

Thanks @Ciacomix

That’s a clear answer. I was hoping SS could Read directly from USB/SD plugged into a prime.

If so, i could use a laptop with SS for multiple dj’s who use engine prime.

Maybe the developers Will find a way someday. Now, SS is really Nice for personal use. I don’t see a possibillity for semi/pro users

Have a Nice xmas!

Hey Wally,

well yes it can do that if the files were prepared into the Sound Switch laptop before (for one time) cause the lightshow information will be saved on that drive (or into the file). If the needed tracks are all prepared you can plug the drive into the Prime and Sound Switch will work without having the drive connected to the Sound Switch laptop - don`t know if i told that clear enough before :wink:

So in fact:

  1. Beatgrid all the files in Engine Prime
  2. Analyze the files in Sound Switch to create the lightshow information
  3. Put drive back into the Prime 4 and you`re good to go

Merry Christmas Buddy!

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This is great information.


I’ve got SS and I can test it for you during the week

I thing I’m nearly certain of is that you don’t need to analyse your tracks in SS to get a light show


  • Say you are djing at a venue that has its own prime gear + lighting laptop + SS

  • You come to the gig with your prime ready usb stick with tracks

  • You should be able to just start djing instantly and the autoloops light shows (stock presets or custom presets) on the venues laptop will work

Like I said I will test after Xmas weekend

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Soundswitch is using the meta data linked to the audio. If your controller is connected to your laptop there are two options:

  1. SS Analysis data can be found in the meta data of the audio –> Custom Lightshow

  2. Audio wasn`t analysed before, no SS Meta Data –> Automatic or pre customized Autoloops from SS will play in the right BPM

You will need an Engine Prime library on that laptop for track specific custom lightshow.

The non custom tracks and tracks not in your SS Library will use autoloops - 4 banks of 8 loops eg Dance, HipHop, Chilled etc - There are presets but you can also create your own! A total of 64, that can be randomized!