Decks Freezing!

Does it happen to you often?

My decks are on the 3rd return to InMusic in a 7 month period with exactly the same problem. This time they have had them just coming up to 6 weeks and no update of when I will get them back. My supplier has asked for a new Prime 4 as they seem unable to rectify the problem. I have never know such poor customer service for a product that cost so much money. I have always had Denon products, but this is the last straw.

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If the problems occur, it is because the problem is either one or more corrupted or incorrectly encoded audio files, or the wrong version of the idtag, or a damaged or poor quality storage medium. Maybe that’s why they don’t do anything, because it doesn’t come from the product! I am very surprised !!!

I understand but it could just not play the music instead of doing everything crashed the prime 2 or 4

It does it when using Beatport and Beatsource.

Maybe a server problem or network loss or not enough bandwidth for the incoming connection (latency) … This is one reason why I prefer to have my own audio files, I really don’t no confidence in professional audio steaming (it’s good for personal listening with a cell phone in the bus, taxi, while jogging or on the beach on a deckchair) “that’s only my personal opinion”