Deck 2 Upfader Issue Serato

Why do I get audio coming thru Deck 2 with the upfader all the way down, if I crossfade it stops. But as soon as I slide the crossfader to the right deck with upfader down the audio comes thru. I checked and double checked all buttons to make sure they are set accordingly, also tried another computer with Serato and it didn’t happen. Any solutions why it only happens on my Macbook, and not the other Macbook ?

I’d still be looking at settings in the software. Two different PCs means two different software installs, so potentially there is still something set incorrectly. That said, the problem you are having is a bit odd. It seems like the midi signals are not generating the desired result. In which case the first place to check would be if the right controller mapping is used. In Serato however this should be plug an play.

So, bit lost here with you. Looking forward if someone else has/had this problem and what probably cause/solution there are.